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Safehouse '82


Immersive Theater. Mystery Spy Thriller

Director: Nick Rheinwald-Jones

Writer: Nick Rheinwald-Jones, Katelyn Schiller

It's November, 1982. Five years after the events of Safehouse '77.

You've been invited back to Sharon's house, but this time there's no party... only a high-stakes mission with serious consequences. Sharon needs your help, and she needs it now. Lives are at stake, including hers. Can you work together with your fellow audience members -- and members of Sharon's exiled team of secret agents -- to pull off the impossible? 

All photos copyright of Spy Brunch LLC. 


"Taking place exactly five years after the events of last year's production, the site-specific thriller once again immerses audiences in the culture and atmosphere of its particular era, right down to the 1982 copies of Playboy Magazine sitting on the living room table."  - Shari BarrettBroadway World

"With Safehouse ’82, Spy Brunch LLC managed to take the thrill and political intrigue of the original and ride that new wave into the totally tubular 1980s for a show that hits all the satisfying beats."  - Jeff Heimbuch, Horrorbuzz

Everybody is decked out in their finest early 80’s-era clothing and I spend a few moments taking in the splendor of the time capsule of a house I’ve found myself in...”  - Katheryn Yu, No Proscenium

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